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Low-Cost Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico

If you’re looking for a trusted, well respected and highly experienced private dentist in Tijuana Mexico, our friendly state-of-the-art clinic and coordinator services can help you.

To give you the best smile possible, our cosmetic dentists in Mexico use the best materials available

Restore the Integrity of Your Smile with a Full Mouth Restoration Treatment in Mexico, we are one of the safest and most affordable ways to restore all your teeth.

A full mouth  restoration of damaged or missing teeth can ruin the appearance of your smile!. More importantly, damaged teeth can cause problems with your ability to chew. Damaged or missing teeth can result in a bite imbalance, which has a negative impact on remaining healthy teeth!

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Javier from CA

Javier from CA

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In the United States and Canada, the cost of full mouth restoration varies from about $25,000 to $80,000, depending upon your needs. The average price comes out to be around $50,000.

How does a Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico work?

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Redesign and save your smile, giving you the comfort you require in the lifestyle you deserve

After discussing your dental history and evaluating you for any neuromuscular disease that could affect the restoration, we can present an individualized treatment plan. Once we understand your goals and needs, we can work together to present you with several options to begin your full mouth restoration in Mexico. A full mouth restoration can restore your ability to eat and speak normally. You will find that after a full mouth restoration you will have a more youthful appearance as a result of a healthy smile.

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Sebastian from AL

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Sebastian from AL

Surely you must ask yourself why Tijuana, Mexico? Tijuana has achieved one of the highest levels in dentistry over the past years. All of our patients are not only surprised at the quality of treatments but also at the modern infrastructure very similar to the U.S., with that nice friendly atmosphere that distinguishes us in Mexico, making your experience one of the best.

What You Can expect with Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico?

Shuttle Transportation Service, State of the Art Lab, High-Quality Dentistry in Mexico

GREAT SELF-CONFIDENCE: Smiling is the main response to happiness and a good communication signal. When you smile to your family, son, daughter, wife, husband, etc. The immediate response is a great smile too. Smile with the full mouth restoration in Mexico treatment you will never stop talking and laughing.

TOP-NOTCH DENTAL CLINIC: Tijuana Dental Center (Smile 4 Ever Mexico) is a a top-notch dental clinic in the Mexican border town which has been getting great reviews from thousands of Americans and Canadians who had their dental work done in Mexico.

TALK, SMILE, EAT AGAIN!: When teeth are to damaged, our way to communicate with everyone is compromised.
The Smile is affected and eating is not a satisfying experience anymore. With a Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico, talking will be as it was before, your Hollywood smile will be back! and food will be tastier than never.

GET BACK TO LIFE: Our presence always counts, at work, home, with friends, everywhere. A brand-new smile will make your presence be more assertive at work, home, with friends and everywhere you are. Your Complete change is at one click of distance.

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Sebastian from AL

Preparing for your appointment

We design your smile according to your needs and your length of stay

Discover the appropriate treatment for your dental situation, get to know about it, and start with the prevention and care of your teeth at our dental clinic in Tuana Mexico, all is taken care of by dentists in Mexico and technology that will change your lifestyle.


Maintain your overall health: In order to undergo many restorative procedures including dental implant surgery, you will need to be in good overall health.


Take care of your mouth: Leading up to your appointment, practice regular brushing and flossing to maintain oral health.


Identify your goals: You should take some time to assess your budget and goals for treatment. This will help us create a full mouth reconstruction plan that meets your unique needs.

Full Mouth Restoration Options

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Full Mouth Restoration Case

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Priscilla Saved $25,000 dll

Full Mouth Restoration in Mexico Timeline

The process of getting your Full Mouth Reconstruction can take 2-4 visits

World-class dental care in one of the world’s premier destinations!

Full Mouth Restoration Cost in Mexico

The Full Mouth Restoration Cost in the U.S. is between $30,000 to $45,000 and sometimes even more. Usually, your dental insurance will not typically cover all expenses, but it could cover much of the cost. In Our Tijuana Dental Clinic, you can save up to 70% compared to U.S. prices. For example, the full mouth restoration cost for an All on 4 Dental Implants in the US is around $39,000. The good news is that our dental office in Tijuana, for example the All on 4 Dental Implants in Tijuana at amazing first payment of $4,500.

A procedure requested by many of our patients is the “Full Smile Rejuvenation” which costs about $13,500 and consists of:

24 Ceramic Crowns(including temporary crowns). Free Transportation from the San Diego Airport.  7 days in a 5-star hotel including breakfast and free internet in your hotel room, located within walking distance of our office (no need for any transportation to and from your appointment)

Here in Tijuana, Mexico you can use almost all types of dental insurances, so it is very important for you to remember to USE YOUR DENTAL INSURANCE so that you do not end losing all of your dental benefits at the end of the year.

Examination Stage

Structures in your mouth are examined. This requires x-rays, Ct Scan & Impressions.

Assessment Stage

Impressions are assessed for irregularities. Casts are prepared to replicate the mouth.


Procedure Stage

Based on the findings, a treatment plan is made. Various treatments may include: Implants, Crowns & Veneers. Instructions given bye our dentists should be followed. Hygiene is the key to avoid infections.

Dental TreatmentsSpecificationsOur Fees
Dental Implants in MexicoPer Implant899 USD
Bone GraftPer cc450 USD
Dental Crowns in MexicoPer Crown499 USD
Tooth ExtractionPer TeethFrom $100 USD
Rootc Canal in MexicoPer Teeth350 USD
Veneers in MexicoPer Unit548 USD
Dental Whitening-250 USD
FillingPer Unit80 USD
AbutmentsPer Unit450 USD

Can Dental Insurance Cover Dental Work In Mexico?

At the start of your treatment, we will require a special form in which we will detail all of your dental procedures as well as the respective costs. This document must be submitted to your insurance company, and according to their criteria and coverage, they will decide how much of your dental work they will cover.

Dental Financing: What Are My Options?

If your health coverage doesn’t include a full mouth restoration treatment cost and you need financing for your treatment. THERE ARE OTHER CHOICES AVAILABLE. If you should require additional financing, our U.S. patients can apply to have a financing option.

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